Academic and Commercial Software

Acorn NMR

Agile Molecule - Software for molecular modeling


AutoAssign - Automated Analysis of Backbone Resonance Assignments Using NMR Spectra

CARA - Computer-Aided Resonance Assignment

CCPN - Collaborative Computing Project for NMR: Analysis software and FormatConverter

CNS - Crystallography & NMR System (CNS) is designed to provide a flexible multi-level hierachical approach for the most commonly used algorithms in macromolecular structure determination

EPMOD - Empirical Prediction of Magnetic Orientation and Dipolar Splittings in NMR Spectra

GFT NMR Package - G-matrix Fourier Transform tool

HYDRO - Hydrodynamic and Solution Properties of Rigid Macromolecules

ModelFree - A program for optimizing "Lipari-Szabo model free" parameters to heteronuclear relaxation data

Module - A program developed to allow the determination of alignment tensor parameters for individual or multiple domains in macromolecules from residual dipolar couplings and to facilitate their manipulation to construct low-resolution models of macromolecular structure



NAST - The Nucleic Acid Simulation Tool


NMRFAM software applications

NMRPipe - and related software from Frank Delaglio

NMR-relax - Protein dynamics by NMR relaxation data analysis

NMRFx Viewer

OpenMM Zephyr

POKY - A software suite for multidimensional NMR and 3D structure calculation of biomolecules

PONDEROSA-CS (protein 3D structure calculation)

POMA - Product Operator Formalism in Mathematica

POP - cis/trans prediction based on 13C chemical shifts





rNMR - Tool for analysis of NMR Metabolomics data

SHIFTX Web Server - A web server that predicts 1H, 13C, and 15N protein chemical shifts using the 3D structure (PDB coordinates)

SHIFTY - Automated Protein Chemical Shift Prediction program by David Wishart and co-workers

Sparky - Graphical NMR Assignment and Integration Program

SPASM - programs for the analysis of main and side chain motifs in protein structures

TALOS - Torsion Angle Likelihood Obtained from Shift and Sequence Similarity

Tensor - A program for treating solution state 15N relaxation for the study of molecular dynamics

UCLA-DOE software and servers for biomolecular structure analysis

Wattos - a software package consisting of programs for analyzing, annotating, parsing, archiving, and disseminating experimental NMR data deposited by authors world wide into the PDB

X-PLOR (on line)