Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

A Repository for Data from NMR Spectroscopy on Proteins, Peptides, Nucleic Acids, and other Biomolecules
Member of WWPDB

Public NMR Facilities

Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Facility (University of Florida)

Arizona State

Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research (Dept. of NMR Spectroscopy)

University of Pennsylvania NMR Facility

CARB (Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology - Maryland)

Center for NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging of Proteins (UCSD)

Magnetic Resonance Center CERM (Florence)

CSIC (Departamento de Espectroscopia y Estructura Molecular)

EMSL (Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Indiana University NMR Facility

RMMR (Rocky Mountain Magnetic Resonance - Colorado State)

NHMFL (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory - Florida State)

NMRFAM (National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison)

Ohio State NMR Facility

SMRL (Stanford Magnetic Resonance Laboratory)

University of Maryland School of Medicine

WeNMR A worldwide e-Infrastructure for NMR and structural biology