From the USDA NMR Database of Lignin and Cell Wall Model Compounds

vanillic acid, bmse010205

A description of these data, collected by Sally Ralph and Larry Landucci at the USDA Forest Products Lab, and John Ralph's group at the USDA Dairy Forage Research Center and (more recently) the UW Biochemistry Department, is available as a pdf file. This includes a description of the naming conventions used as well as experimental conditions and a structure index.

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b-O-4 Dimers, 2-Carbon Sidechain

b-O-4 Dimers, 3-Carbon Sidechain, a-C=O

b-O-4 Dimers, 3-Carbon Sidechain

5-Hyroxyconiferyl alcohol b-O-4 Dimers, 3-Carbon Sidechain

b-5 Dimers

b-b Dimers

5-5 Dimers

b-1 Dimers

Biphenyl methane Dimer

      5-O-4 Dimers


      Trimers Containing Ferulic or Coumaric Acid

      More Trimers Containing Ferulic, Coumaric or p-OH-Benzoic Acid


      Misc. Compounds