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Chemical shifts in denatured proteins: resonance assignments for denatured ubiquitin and comparisons with other denatured proteins.
KPeti W, Smith LJ, Redfield C, Schwalbe H.

Institut fur Organische Chemie, Universitet Frankfurt, Germany.

Abstract: Chemical shift assignment is reported for the protein ubiquitin denatured in 8M urea at pH 2. The variations in 15N chemical shifts of three different proteins (ubiquitin, disulfide reduced, carboxymethylated lysozyme, all-Ala-alpha-lactalbumin), all without disulfides and denatured in 8M urea at pH 2 are compared to 'random coil shifts' of small model peptides (Braun et al., 1994) and to the averaged native chemical shifts taken from the BMRB database. Both parameterizations show a remarkable agreement with the averaged measured 15N chemical shifts in the three denatured proteins. Detailed analysis of these experimental 15N chemical shifts provides an estimate of the influence of nearest neighbors and conformational preferences on the chemical shift and provides a direct means to identify non-random structural preferences in denatured proteins. PMID: 11256811 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

J Biomol NMR 2001 Feb;19(2):153-65