N-(2-amino-2-oxoethyl)-4-methoxybenzamide (C10H12N2O3)

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BMRB entry bmse011638

Entry DOI: doi:10.13018/BMSE011638
Data source: Infrastructure for NMR - Sridhar Sreeramulu, Christian Richter, Till Kuehn, Kamal Azzaoui, Marcel J.J. Blommers, Rebecca Del Conte, Marco Fragai, Nils Trieloff, Peter Schmieder, Marc Nazare, Edgar Specker, Vladimir Ivanov, Hartmut Oschkinat, Lucia Banci, Harald Schwalbe

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NMR experiments

1: 1D 1H
Sample: 1mM in DMSO, ref:
Conditions: temperature: 298K, pH: 6.0
Spectrometer: Bruker Avance - 600MHz

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Download time domain data: bmse011638_1.zip