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BMRB Entry 6991

Title: Phosphorylation of Cytoplasmic Tail of Tissue Factor and its Role in Modulating   PubMed: 20076769

Deposition date: 2006-02-15 Original release date: 2007-06-20

Authors: Sen, Mehmet; Agrawal, Sameer; Craft, John; Ruf, Wolfram; Legge, Glen

Citation: Sen, Mehmet; Herzik, Mark; Craft, John; Creath, Andrea; Agrawal, Sameer; Ruf, Wolfram; Legge, Glen. "Spectroscopic Characterization of Successive Phosphorylation of the Tissue Factor Cytoplasmic Region"  Open Spectrosc J. 3, 58-64 (2009).

Assembly members:
TFCD, polymer, 19 residues, 2060.3 Da.

Natural source:   Common Name: Human   Taxonomy ID: 9606   Superkingdom: Eukaryota   Kingdom: Metazoa   Genus/species: Homo sapiens

Experimental source:   Production method: chemical synthesis

Entity Sequences (FASTA):

Data sets:
Data typeCount
13C chemical shifts39
15N chemical shifts19
1H chemical shifts118

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