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Co-ordinates and 1H, 13C and 15N chemical shift assignments for the complex of GPS2 53-90 and SMRT 167-207
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Oberoi, Jasmeen; Yang, Ji-Chun; Neuhaus, David; Schwabe, John

Citation: Oberoi, Jasmeen; Fairall, Louise; Watson, Peter; Yang, Ji-Chun; Czimmerer, Zsolt; Kampmann, Thorsten; Goult, Benjamin; Greenwood, Jacquie; Gooch, John; Kallenberger, Bettina; Nagy, Laszlo; Neuhaus, David; Schwabe, John. "Structural basis for the assembly of the SMRT/NCoR core transcriptional repression machinery."  Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 18, 177-184 (2011).
PubMed: 21240272

Assembly members:

Assembly members:
GPS2_53-90, polymer, 38 residues, 4692.534 Da.
SMRT_167-207, polymer, 42 residues, 4948.712 Da.

Natural source:

Natural source:   Common Name: Human   Taxonomy ID: 9606   Superkingdom: Eukaryota   Kingdom: Metazoa   Genus/species: Homo sapiens

Experimental source:

Experimental source:   Production method: recombinant technology   Host organism: Escherichia coli   Vector: pET13a

Entity Sequences (FASTA):

Data sets:
Data typeCount
13C chemical shifts232
15N chemical shifts90
1H chemical shifts578

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Entity Assembly IDEntity NameEntity ID


Entity 1, GPS2_53-90 38 residues - 4692.534 Da.


Entity 2, SMRT_167-207 42 residues - 4948.712 Da.



sample_1: GPS2_53-90, [U-98% 13C; U-98% 15N], 0.4 mM; SMRT_167-207, [U-98% 13C; U-98% 15N], 0.4 mM; Tris 20 mM; H2O 90%; D2O 10%

sample_2: SMRT_167-207, [U-98% 13C; U-98% 15N], 0.4 mM; GPS2_53-90 0.4 mM; Tris 20 mM; H2O 90%; D2O 10%

sample_3: GPS2_53-90, [U-98% 13C; U-98% 15N], 0.4 mM; SMRT_167-207 0.4 mM; Tris 20 mM; H2O 90%; D2O 10%

sample_conditions_1: ionic strength: 20 mM; pH: 6.5; pressure: 1 atm; temperature: 285 K


NameSampleSample stateSample conditions
2D 1H-15N HSQCsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-13C HSQCsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-13C HSQC CT aliphaticsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-13C HSQC CT aromaticsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-1H NOESYsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-1H NOESY (filtered to remove 15N-coupled signals in F1 and F2)sample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HNCACBsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D CBCA(CO)NHsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HNCACBsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HBHA(CO)NHsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HCCH-COSYsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D CCH-TOCSYsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D C(CO)NHsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-15N NOESYsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-13C NOESY aliphaticsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-13C NOESY aromaticsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-15N HSQCsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-13C HSQCsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-13C HSQC aliphaticsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-1H NOESY filtered to retain only interchain cross-peakssample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-15N HSQCsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-13C HSQCsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-13C HSQC aliphaticsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-1H NOESY filtered to retain only interchain cross-peakssample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HNHAHBsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1


X-PLOR NIH v2.19, Schwieters, Kuszewski, Tjandra and Clore - structure solution

xwinnmr v3.6, Bruker Biospin - processing

Analysis v1.0.15, CCPN - data analysis

NMR spectrometers:

  • Bruker Avance 800 MHz
  • Bruker DMX 600 MHz
  • Bruker DRX 500 MHz

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SP Q13227 Q9WU42 Q9Y618
TPG DAA18863 DAA20733
AlphaFold Q13227 Q9WU42 Q9Y618

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