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Phosphorylation of SUMO-interacting motif by CK2 enhances Daxx SUMO binding activity.
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Naik, Mandar; Huang, Tai-Huang; Shih, Hsiu-Ming

Citation: Naik, Mandar; Chang, Che-Chang; Naik, Nandita; Kung, Camy C-H; Shih, Hsiu-Ming; Huang, Tai-Huang. "NMR chemical shift assignments of a complex between SUMO-1 and SIM peptide derived from the C-terminus of Daxx."  Biomol. NMR Assignments 5, 75-77 (2011).
PubMed: 20927612

Assembly members:

Assembly members:
SUMO1, polymer, 97 residues, 11149.640 Da.
DAXX20, polymer, 20 residues, 2151.341 Da.

Natural source:

Natural source:   Common Name: Human   Taxonomy ID: 9606   Superkingdom: Eukaryota   Kingdom: Metazoa   Genus/species: Homo sapiens

Experimental source:

Experimental source:   Production method: recombinant technology   Host organism: Escherichia coli   Vector: pGex-4T1

Data sets:
Data typeCount
13C chemical shifts493
15N chemical shifts120
1H chemical shifts797

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Entity Assembly IDEntity NameEntity ID


Entity 1, SUMO1 97 residues - 11149.640 Da.

Mature form of Small Ubiquitin like Modifier 1.


Entity 2, DAXX20 20 residues - 2151.341 Da.

Last 20 amino acids of the Death-associated protein -6 (Daxx), comprising one of the two SUMO Interacting Motif (SIM).



sample_1: SUMO1, [U-100% 15N], 0.27 – 0.5 mM; DAXX200 – 1.7 mM; potassium phosphate 10 mM; potassium chloride 100 mM; DTT 2 mM; EDTA 0.1 mM; sodium azide 0.001%; H2O 90%; D2O 10%

sample_2: SUMO1, [U-100% 13C; U-100% 15N], 0.5 mM; DAXX20 2 mM; potassium phosphate 10 mM; potassium chloride 100 mM; DTT 2 mM; EDTA 0.1 mM; sodium azide 0.001%; H2O 90%; D2O 10%

sample_3: SUMO1 2 mM; DAXX20, [U-100% 13C; U-100% 15N], 0.5 mM; potassium phosphate 10 mM; potassium chloride 100 mM; DTT 2 mM; EDTA 0.1 mM; sodium azide 0.001%; H2O 90%; D2O 10%

sample_4: SUMO1, [U-100% 13C; U-100% 15N], 0.5 mM; DAXX20, [U-100% 13C; U-100% 15N], 0.5 mM; potassium phosphate 10 mM; potassium chloride 100 mM; DTT 2 mM; EDTA 0.1 mM; sodium azide 0.001%; Pf1 phage 0.0066 w/v; H2O 90%; D2O 10%

sample_conditions_1: ionic strength: 0.1 M; pH: 6.5; pressure: 1 atm; temperature: 290 K


NameSampleSample stateSample conditions
2D 1H-15N HSQCsample_1isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-13C HSQCsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-13C HSQCsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HNCAsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HNCAsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HNCACBsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HNCACBsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D CBCA(CO)NHsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D CBCA(CO)NHsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HNCOsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HNCOsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-15N TOCSYsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-15N TOCSYsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HCCH-COSYsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HCCH-COSYsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D CCH-TOCSYsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D CCH-TOCSYsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-15N NOESYsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-15N NOESYsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-13C NOESYsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-13C NOESYsample_3isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-15N NOESY - F1 filteredsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D 1H-13C NOESY - F1 filteredsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
3D HNHAsample_2isotropicsample_conditions_1
2D 1H-15N HSQC - IPAPsample_4anisotropicsample_conditions_1


CNS v1.2, Brunger A. T. - refinement, structure solution

ARIA v2.2, Linge, O'Donoghue and Nilges - refinement, structure solution

TOPSPIN v2.1, Bruker Biospin - collection, processing

SPARKY v3.113, Goddard - chemical shift assignment, peak picking

NMR spectrometers:

  • Bruker Avance 500 MHz
  • Bruker Avance 600 MHz
  • Bruker Avance 800 MHz

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TPG DAA32560
AlphaFold Q2EF74 Q5E9D1 A7WLH8 P63165 P63166 O18805 O35613 Q9UER7 Q8VIB2

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