BMRB Needs Your Support

NIH funding to continue operations is scheduled to terminate at the end of March 2023.

Letters of support from the biomedical research community carry significant weight. The number of users for shared resources that NIH considers significant is 100. We hope to have more than 100 letters of support for our next grant proposal submission in September.

How you can help

The most impactful letters will be those that share a personal perspective on how BMRB has helped your research. Some suggestions of areas that could be discussed are listed below. A letter need not address all of them to be impactful: the most important thing is that it include a specific example.

  • How long you have used BMRB
  • Describe how you use BMRB
    • Individual protein, nucleic acid, or small-molecule entries?
    • Chemical shift statistics?
    • Surveys over multiple entries?
    • How often do you visit the website?
  • Have you deposited data to BMRB? If so, how many entries?
  • Share an anecdote about how BMRB helped advanced your research

Our target is to collect 100 letters of support - please help us achieve our goal!

Send letters to:

Dr. Jeffrey Hoch
UConn Health
Molecular Biology and Biophysics
263 Farmington Ave.
Farmington, CT 06030-3305 USA